The Mixtape // 07.06.18

July 6, 2018

Hey there! It’s Friday. And after watching my niece and nephew (whom I love dearly), along with my two kids yesterday, I’m celebrating the fact that I have two kids instead of four. :-) Seriously, to all of you parents with four or more kids — MAJOR SALUTE!

I’m capping off the week with a little round up of things that made the last seven days memorable. I’m hoping these meaningful moments might inspire us to live better stories. And kind of like that classic mixtape you’d make in middle school for a friend, I’m putting highlights together and passing them on.

With the heat wave we’ve had in NYC, it’s officially iced coffee season — or as the kids are saying on the interwebs: “iced coffee szn.” We’re big on brewing our coffee at home, both for the cost savings and the need to have it at the ready as soon as we wake up (sometimes it’s like a hug from an old friend), and we have several coffee contraptions to help us do so. If you’re interested in making cold brew at home, we’re loving this maker.

This podcast on memory is absolutely fascinating and worth a listen.

And this masterful speech is always worth an annual read. For all the gents out there, you know Jordan was loving these shirts last summer. Well, for 2018, this is his new favorite.

Made these this week. Devoured them. Will definitely make again.

And finally, I’ll be an emcee at this conference in the fall. If you have a heart for the city, urban ministry, faith & work, or church renewal, you should consider joining. Early bird pricing ends next week.

Here’s to full glasses of cold beverages, full weekends, and full hearts!






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    July 6, 2018 at 10:36 am

    Loving the praise of this cold brew machine and the reviews are sweet! Might need to take you up on it. Thanks for sharing Jess!

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