The Mixtape // 04.14.17

April 14, 2017

Happy Friday, friends. The weather in NYC is finally acting spring-like, and I’m all the way here for it. In addition to reflecting on and celebrating Good Friday and Easter, I’ll be doing my best to soak up the warmer weather this weekend.

But first, a few things to share from the past week…

storiedstyledeasterbox-2Now that Jameson is getting a little older and able to enjoy gifts, I wanted to put together an “Easter basket” for him. I put it in quotes, because the aspiring minimalist in me didn’t want to spend money on a basket that would be used one day of the year and potentially take up valuable space or end up in the trash. So I upcycled a box from a recent shipment we’d received and made him an “Easter box” instead. :-) I got most things from one of my favorite stores, Paper Source, which always inspires me to want to send more cards and give more gifts. In case you’re interested, here’s what I included. I kind of wish someone made a box like this for me.

1. Paper to wrap the box / 2. An Easter Story book from his Grandma Helen / 3. Sugarfina bunny tail gummies / 4. Carrot bubbles / 5. Light up chicks / 6. Finger monsters / 7. Homemade play-dough (using Jell-O!) / 8. Reese’s mini eggs (developing a love for these is a requirement in this family.)storiedstyledeasterbox
In other news, Jordan put me on to this new documentary series on Netflix called Abstract: The Art of Design. Have you seen it? Each episode profiles a different leader from various industries, and it’s really interesting to see how these people’s minds work. If you’re at all interested in being creative, I highly recommend it. The one about Platon’s photography is probably our favorite.

I had a three-way call with two girlfriends this week, and boy oh boy was it good for my soul. I know group texting/chatting is the thing to do these days, but when you have a lot to talk about, nothing beats the old school way of waiting to be connected and then hearing your friends’ voices and laughter.

Remember this list of NYC restaurants that I intend to explore? Jordan and I hit one up for a random lunch on Wednesday. The restaurant called Cosme, serves modern Mexican, and is quite tasty. It also happens to be listed on a list of Top 50 restaurants in the world. If you go, get the seafood stuffed avocado, the short rib, and the husk meringue for dessert. I’m still thinking about all of those.

Here’s to a weekend filled with hope!

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    April 14, 2017 at 11:19 am

    Love the Abstract of Design! I really enjoyed the episode with Christopher Niemann, too! Enjoy your weekend! <3

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