For most of my life, things went as planned. Went to school. Got a job. Met a boy. Got married.

But in 2009, life got turned upside down and became anything but planned.

I became widowed in my 20’s. And after a few years, I found myself in love again with a man who also happened to have lost a spouse in his 20’s. You may have read about our story here.

And so here I am. The unexpected widow who became an accidental pastor’s wife. An NYC dweller navigating the wonders and challenges that go along with living in this city like no other. An intentional mother to two little boys (born in 2015 and 2018). An aspiring minimalist. A daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

Through it all, I’ve learned that we all have unique stories to live, and I’m trying my best to live mine to the fullest. Storied + Styled is a lifestyle blog where I capture our exploration of NYC, our travels, our attempt to figure out parenthood, and weave in our love of food, faith, friendships and whatever else is adding richness to life.

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