The Mixtape // 08.04.17

August 4, 2017

Jordan and I have been on the road twice in the last two weeks, making trips to Charlotte and Las Vegas (more photos and details on that next week), and both trips were really fun and relaxing times. But am I the only one who feels that shortened work weeks always seem like a great idea until you get back to reality and are left to catch up on everything?

It’s been a bit quiet here this week for that reason, but I’ve got a few things to share as we head into the weekend…If you live near to or ever find yourself visiting Charlotte, NC, make a plan to spend a day at this place. We went with friends last week and had so much fun. Glad to say I didn’t embarrass myself during my first time going up the rock climbing wall or fall out of a raft.

While on the flight back from Vegas, I finished reading Hillbilly Elegy. The book has gotten a lot of buzz in the last year, particularly in light of our recent election (though not the author’s intention), and I found it to be a pretty interesting window into a culture I’ve had little experience with. For as much as we talk about race in America, I’m not sure we have enough conversations about class and environmental pressures, which are both addressed in this book.

Jordan and I have spent entirely too much of our time watching videos of Kida the Great. I can’t hear Kendrick Lamar’s song Humble without imagining this video (forgive the savory language). And this one is just insane. I’m in awe, and Jordan has a fresh commitment to practicing his dance moves in the mirror.

I’m in no way above cooking mac & cheese from the box when I’m short on time and need to give Jameson dinner. But when I can make things from scratch, it makes me very happy, and the other day I came across this stovetop mac & cheese recipe that takes no more time than the stuff in the box. #winning. All of you serious chefs might cringe at this, but the writer had me sold when she wrote “skip the roux.” Of course, this is a substitute for box mac & cheese, NOT baked mac & cheese. Don’t get that confused and sully my name in these streets, people! Use wise judgment and doctor up the seasonings to your liking. Or add ham or peas or chicken or whatever!

You know I’m an aspiring minimalist and try not to fuel any of our consumeristic tendencies….BUT the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends Sunday, and if you’re in the market to purchase some solid staples for your closet, it’s worth a look. To avoid overspending or filling your closet with things you only kind of like/need, I suggest making a list of what you need first and then searching for those specific items on the site. The sale is great for things like a fall coat, leather boots for winter (bought these during the sale a few years ago and still going strong!), designer denim, restocking your favorite beauty products, or quality activewear.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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