The Mixtape // 08.26.16

August 26, 2016

After our last vacation of the summer, it’s been nice to be back in NYC — catching up with friends and enjoying the break from the hot weather. Here’s this week’s mix of things that made the last seven days memorable.

A former co-worker/friend of mine, Melissa, is a kind soul with a terrific sense of humor, and she also happens to be a great writer. She recently wrote When dating isn’t worth the time, effort, and emotion for The Washington Post, and I don’t think I could love this more. You should read it.

Jordan preached a sermon on the anatomy of pride, and it’s left me reflecting all week.

I was at a bit of a loss when I planned to take a meal to friends of ours who just had a baby and then realized they are vegan. Thankfully this roasted sweet potato chili paired with rice I doctored up with cilantro and lime fit the bill. P.S. so you don’t struggle to find it in the grocery store like I did — “fresh coriander” is fresh cilantro.

Jordan’s 16-year-old cousin is interested in computer science, so we arranged to have a friend who works at Google give him a tour of their NYC office and explain what she does as software engineer. It was mine and Jordan’s second time there, and we were no less impressed or inspired by the place. The work spaces, the views, the free food (I tried fried frog legs, because why not?!) — it all had me ready to take the most random of jobs, if it meant I could work there.

Lots of catch ups this week meant lots of eating out. A crazy good Mediterranean meal with the staff of our church at Fig & Olive – Meatpacking — made all the better by the fact that a beloved member of our church ended up being our server that night! Also downtown were tacos at Union Bar & Kitchen to catch up with Aussie friends who were in town. And in Harlem there was delicious pizza at Sottocasa, fresh pasta at FUMO, and tasty coffee at Il Caffe Latte.FumoAnd finally…if you found a random goat standing on a rock, what would you do? Anthony Hamilton (one of my all-time favorites) and his amazing background singers, The Hamiltones, decided a little serenade was in order.  Jordan and I watched this at least 17 times this week and died over and over. Are they saying “billy ghosts” though? “baa baaa baaa” lol.

Enjoy the weekend!


Photo of pasta by FUMO Restaurant.

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