The Mixtape // 03.10.17

March 10, 2017

Happy Friday! This week, as I dealt with some of the harder stuff in life, I was reminded of the simultaneous discomfort that comes from sharing our weaknesses with others and the beauty that comes from allowing people to love and hold us up.

I’m capping off the week with a little round up of things that made the last seven days memorable. Kind of like that classic mixtape you’d make in middle school for a friend, I’m putting my favorites together and passing them on.


We spent a quick 36 hours in Indianapolis last weekend, where Jordan was invited to preach at church called Trader’s Point. On the flight out there, Jameson managed to touch the thighs of random strangers as he walked up and down the aisle. Jordan did a great job preaching. And so as not to disturb Jameson’s nap before our flight home, the closest we got to eating in downtown Indy was ordering take-out from The Garden Table (pictured above). The quality of the food definitely matched the décor inside.

Are any of you listening to the new podcast Missing Richard Simmons? I’m pretty fascinated by the whole thing.

For International Women’s Day, I watched a rebroadcast of American Masters: The Women’s List and loved hearing how these larger-than-life women had regular everyday struggles.

What do we think about these new sneakers from Rihanna x Puma? Fashion-forward hotness or geriatric style with a bow?

We ate a lot of fried chicken this week. Because, it’s delicious. Southern style fried chicken is what most of us are familiar with, but from the time I met Jordan he told me that as sacrilegious as it would sound, there was actually someone who could do fried chicken better than black people. I thought, “never.” But then I had Korean fried chicken, and my world was turned upside down. There are tons of places to try it in NYC, and this week we hit up BonChon in Koreatown.

Have a great weekend!

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