The Mixtape // 07.14.17

July 14, 2017

I’m having trouble believing it’s Friday already, but I’m certainly not mad about it. This weekend we’re hosting friends from Maryland, along with their sweet kids, and I’m really looking forward to catching up and the playtime. Before I go check the apartment for random messes left behind by Jameson, here are a few things worth sharing from the week…

Oh how I love looking up as I walk around Harlem. (P.S. If you live in that building on the right, can we pleeeease be friends so I can come over and see the inside of your place?!)

Speaking of good things in Harlem, this week Jordan and I had time to grab an extended lunch at Lido, one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. (If you’re interested in a list of places I love in Harlem, check this out.) The combination of eating delicious food outside and sharing what’s been on our minds lately was pretty sweet.

If you’ve read any of Malcolm Gladwell’s books and like his work, you should definitely check out his podcast, Revisionist History. I really appreciate how he digs into subjects and theories, and Jordan and I couldn’t stop talking about this episode, which is about golf, and yet so much more.

With me doing this whole capsule wardrobe thing, a lot of you have told me about your similar aspirations to be a minimalist. I feel there are definitely different grades of minimalism, and I’m certainly not on the extreme end, but wherever you might find yourself on the spectrum, I think this blog Becoming Minimalist offers up a lot of food for thought.

I watched this video this week, and it basically wrecked me. Like, tears streaming down my face while working with other people in the office. And not necessarily tears of sadness, but almost more like tears of recognition, because I could relate to it all. Definitely worth the two-and-a-half minutes.

And on the topic of videos, this one isn’t deep in any way like the last one, but it absolutely had me gasping for air. You’d think it would become less funny as the video goes on, but the opposite is true.

Hope you head into the weekend with laughter.

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