2019 Family Reunion Favorites

August 18, 2019

This week we returned from our annual family reunion in Buffalo Junction, VA. As always, it was a soul-nourishing time of reflecting on the lives and dreams of our ancestors, of catching up with family members, and of embracing country life (which included no cell phone service).

I snapped tons of photos throughout the week, but here are my 20 favorite snaps:

At the church founded by our ancestors…

At the house where Jordan’s grandmother was born…

At the nearby splash park…

And evening time fishing at our cousin’s house…

More from our annual visits to Buffalo Junction and the value of this tradition:

An Interview with Cousin George: The Son of a Former Slave (God willing, we’ll celebrate his 100th birthday this year!)
Our 2017 family reunion
Our 2016 family reunion

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