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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

November 21, 2017

Looking for ideas of what to get your favorite people for the holidays? I put together a 2017 Holiday Gift Guide with a range of things that can be gifted to your significant other, relatives, co-workers, hosts, and kids. This list is a mix of things I’ve received and loved, things I’ve given that were celebrated, and a few things I’d love to receive. 

1. Away Bigger Carry-on – For the traveler who wants to get around in style, keep their things protected, and charge their devices while on the go ($245).

2. Mahabis Classic Slippers – Customizable soles for wearing your slippers indoors and outdoors ($110).

3. Monster Pajamas – For your favorite little monster. Plus, it seems kids can never have enough pajamas ($29.50).

4. Instax Mini Camera – Lots of fun and nostalgia come from this little camera, particularly when gathered with friends or family. The miniature photos it prints are great for hanging on the wall/fridge or pasting in an album ($69.99).

5. Gold Necklace – Jewelry maker Lovishly creates all kinds of beautiful gold necklaces, all with a special meaning and with a portion of their profits going toward different causes, like education for girls or supporting families recovering from crisis ($33).

6. 23 and Me Ancestry Kit – I’ve yet to try one of these services, but I find the results my friends and family members have received to be pretty fascinating (from $49).

7. Born a Crime by Trevor Noah – If you’re shopping for someone who loves to read, this book was a favorite among my book club and several of my family members. You might even consider gifting the audiobook version of this one, so you can hear the often funny storytelling in Noah’s voice ($15).

8. Holiday-scented Candle – Candles make great gifts for all sorts of people — hosts, co-workers, friends, etc. In addition to this soy candle smelling like holiday trees, it’s made by Thistle Farms, which helps heal, empower, and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction ($22).

9. Personalized 2018 Hanging Bar Calendar – Upload your favorite photo, and this could look great hanging in an office or the grandparents’ kitchen. ($22)

10. Decanter – If your host is a fan of wine or whiskey, this decanter has a cool mid-century modern vibe and is less than $10! It can also easily do double duty as a water carafe ($9.99).

11. Craft Cocktail Set – For the person who loves to entertain and experiment in the kitchen ($35).

12. Scratch Off Map – My sister-in-law gave us one of these a few Christmases ago, and it’s been one of my favorite gifts. We have it hanging in Jameson’s room, and we scratch off the different countries we’ve visited around the world. Lots of fun for the person who loves to travel or has a thing for maps ($26).

13. Portable Charger – Jordan keeps tabs on all of our devices and is regularly frustrated when I don’t charge mine at night. He loves this charger for its power and that it doesn’t require a ton of cords ($12.99).

14. Apple Watch Series 3 – this is pricey, but it’s also the thing I never knew I wanted. I got the latest Apple Watch for my birthday, and it’s pretty great for all it can do (make/receive calls without your phone!) and track ($329).

15. Osmo – If you’re buying for a child who is age six to 12 and also has access to an iPad, Osmo can help teach him/her the fundamentals of coding (starting at $80).

16. Coffee beans – If good coffee is your gift recipient’s jam, consider purchasing a bag of Ethiopian beans from Gobena. They donate 100% of their profits to orphan care. They also have a monthly coffee club, which could also make a great gift ($14.99 per bag).

17. French Hand Soap – A friend in our church community group gifted us with this French hand soap, and I couldn’t believe how good it feels. The smell is fantastic too, making it a great gift for a host ($23).

18. Cashmere Sweater – The cashmere sweater is such a classic, and given how nice they feel, it’s no wonder ($98).

19. Slim Leather Wallet – For anyone wanted to ditch the bulky wallet. Also, Jordan approved ($24.99).

20. This Is How We Do It: One Day in the Lives of Seven Kids from around the World – I know lots of families who love this book and make a habit of gifting it to other people ($14).

21. Mr. Tea Infuser – For the person who’s a tea drinker, these little infusers that hang over the edge of a tea cup/mug are fun and make a great stocking stuffer ($7.50).

22. 2018 Powersheets Planner – I have a few friends who have used Powersheets to bring clarity to their goals and to help them create action plans to actually pursue those goals. This is a planner on steroids and Christmas is the perfect time to help someone get ready for 2018 ($55).

23. Monogrammed Trinket Dish – A sweet, simple gift that could work really well for a teenager or a girlfriend ($14).

24. Kids’ Play Cookware Set – My child certainly loves to pretend he’s cooking as I do, and this set can help you work alongside one another and inspire a growing imagination ($20).

25. Lemon-Infused Olive Oil – Instead of giving the typical gift of wine at the next dinner party you attend, consider a unique bottle of olive oil as a token of appreciation for your host ($24.95).

26. Prynt Pocket SmartPhone Photo Printer – We all are guilty of taking tons of photos on our cell phones and hardly looking at them again. Get some of them off your phone and onto fun sticky paper with this printer. It’s great in group settings, as different people can easily hook up their phone to it ($150).

27. LEGO DUPLO Play Set – I’ve yet to meet a toodler/pre-schooler who didn’t love DUPLO Legos. I get offered make-believe DUPLO food nearly everyday at home (from $38).

28. Fancy Nail Polish – I’m not one to spend $18 on a bottle of nail polish. BUT if someone bought me a bottle of $18 nail polish, I surely wouldn’t complain about it! It’s one of those indulgences that you might not buy for yourself but we certainly enjoy ($18).

29. Museum Membership – this last one isn’t on the list, because it’s hard to get a corresponding image for it, but if your loved one is into museums (the arts or children’s), consider gifting them with a membership for the year.


Alright, that’s it for me! Anything you’d add? Things you’ve given that were a hit or things you’re hoping to receive this year?

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    November 21, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    What a great list! I echo your sentiments on #7, one of the funniest and most poignant books I ever received as a gift. And, taking a cue from #29, I would recommend the gift that you guys gave us last year: an expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. with tickets to the African American museum. And I’m probably going to add #19 to Pops’ Christmas stocking this year – but don’t tell him! Lol!

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