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Try This: Aqua Spin

October 26, 2016

I realize it’s a bit ironic that I, the girl who has worked out so pathetically little in the last two years (with the exception of that trapeze class), would refer you to a workout class. But you know what? When you find something good, you share it with your friends.

When a friend and fellow blogger, CeCe, invited me to participate in an aqua spin class last week, I jumped at the chance. Spin classes are not exactly my thing, but if we’re talking about adding a pool into the mix, this was definitely something I wanted to try.

storiedstyledaqua-9For class we met up at the beautiful AQUA Studio in Tribeca. Vogue Magazine describes the studio this way: “When you walk through the door of the high-ceilinged, three-story studio, it’s like being transported to a chic French pied-a-terre.” Ummmm, yes. I was going to say, “It’s really nice inside,” but Vogues way of saying it is just slightly better.

Everything was there waiting for us — lockers, towels, toiletries and special water shoes to use while on the bikes. storiedstyledaqua-7storiedstyledaquaNot only was I excited about this class as a chance to try something new, but the organizer, CeCe, is an advocate for being healthy at every size and dubbed our class a #BodyPositiveWorkout, which I just loved.

Our group took a BLEND class, which combines a few different styles into one 45-minute class. There’s a lot of pedaling as fast as you can on the bike, but then there’s also moves where you slide off the back of the bike and hold onto the seat as you tread water and do different movements — all while constantly pedaling. It ends up being a lot of good core exercise.

Taking direction from our awesome instructor, Ed…storiedstyledaqua-3Pedal, pedal. Hold the seat. Raise your arm. Tread water. Can you tell I was concentrating? Ha! The funny thing about this is that I feel like Jameson makes this same face when he looks around the living room and realizes he’s run out of things to tear apart – “welp, I guess that’s it.”

By the end of the class, my legs definitely felt a bit like noodles, but I was quite pleased with how the class was simultaneously challenging and relaxing. Not sweating (due to being in the pool) is an absolute win in my book.

And I was so grateful to have done the class with such an inspiring group of women. Ten of us, all with our different stories and our different shapes and sizes, having a great time pushing ourselves and celebrating each other (seriously, all of these ladies do some pretty boss type things). storiedstyledaqua-5And this is a shot of a little “making a Boomerang video” action…storiedstyledaqua-4When people hear the phrase “body positive,” they often think about plus-size women. But I know plenty of thin women who struggle to view their bodies positively. And certainly as a woman who’s gone through pregnancy and the body changes that go along with it, the struggle to look at your body and feel great is real. Our class at AQUA was the perfect reminder to appreciate what my body is capable of and to remember it’s just one small part of what makes me, me.

If you’re interested in giving aqua spin a try, use the code JMOJACKS to enjoy 20% off AQUA Studio’s New Guest Unlimited 30-Days pass (code is valid through the end of the month, 10/31).

CeCe, my dear — thanks so much for organizing and inspiring. AQUA — thanks so much for having us. And Swimsuits For All — thanks for outfitting us. storiedstyledaqua-8

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  • Reply
    Ma Rice
    October 26, 2016 at 11:04 am

    Looks like fun! Do you think that Jameson’s grandmothers would be able to endure this class? Lol!

    • Reply
      Jessica Rice
      October 26, 2016 at 3:52 pm

      Using the word “endure” is hilarious. I think you guys would do great! The good thing about your legs being under water is that no one really knows if you’re peddling fast or slow. ;-)

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