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Memorial Day Weekend

June 1, 2016

It’s taken me some time to bounce back from a FULL Memorial Day Weekend. If this is the unofficial start of the summer, I have a feeling summer 2016 will be a pretty good one.

My mom offered to watch Jameson on Friday, so Jordan came up with the idea for us to visit Coney Island. I’ll share more about our time there later this week, but in a nutshell — it was a ton of fun and a fantastic way to kick off the holiday weekend.

After a day at the park, my plan was to spend the night watching tv, doing my hair, and painting my nails. But then one friend stopped by, and then another friend stopped by, and before I knew it, the night had evolved into us eating Korean fried chicken, telling stories, and laughing as Jordan and I got a thorough tutorial on how to use Snapchat. Lots of time was given to face swapping, which was hilarious and disturbing. (I’m on there as jmojacks, if you want to connect.)

On Saturday we had two cookouts to attend — the first was a graduation celebration in Harlem for a friend from church who had just earned his master’s. Jameson’s pediatrician was there, and since Jameson started walking about 10 days after his one-year check-up, we were excited that he could show her his new skills.

For the second cookout, we headed downtown to our friends’ apartment in the Financial District. These folks have been friends since college, and when we all lived in the DMV (that’s DC, Maryland, and Virginia for those not hip to the lingo), I was so sad when they decided to move to NYC. I jokingly said, “How can you move to New York?!” Well, a year and a half later when I was marrying Jordan and moving to NYC, I emphatically told them, “Thank God you guys moved to New York!!” :-)StoriedStyledMDW-2StoriedStyledMDW-6We had a great time eating good food, catching up with old friends (I’ve written about them here), and enjoying views of the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan Bridge. Does anything beat a balcony with an awesome view in NYC? Ummm, no.StoriedStyledMDW-3StoriedStyledMDW-4Jameson was digging it too. Little kid, big city.StoriedStyledMDW-5StoriedStyledMDW-8This next photo is one of my favorites, because it candidly captures us laughing at the ridiculous antics that are usually at play when our friends get together. StoriedStyledMDW-9StoriedStyledMDW-10So much fun, and we were only halfway through the weekend.

Sunday at church brought a great reminder of God’s grace and that “Jesus + nothing = everything.” Afterwards, a few dozen people from our community met up for another “church and chill” session in Morningside Park. And once again, it was an amazing time with great people and really good food. I thought we’d stay for a couple hours, but two hours turned into five, and we eventually only left because we had to put Jameson to bed. 13346274_1196481183708887_8060881987295278439_oIMG_0079MONDAY
On Monday, we hopped in the car with my mom and drove down to Maryland for one last cookout — this time to celebrate the 65th birthday of my late husband’s mom. Our Saturdays often require that we stay in NYC or travel off somewhere, so I was so grateful we could be there to celebrate her and her zest for life. StoriedStyledMDW-19StoriedStyledMDW-18StoriedStyledMDW-20It was also really special, because it was the first time Jarronn’s father and brother got to meet Jameson.StoriedStyledMDW-11StoriedStyledMDW-12StoriedStyledMDW-13 Occasions like these are ones where we share a lot of hugs and knowing glances that replace words. I can’t fully explain how much Jarronn’s family’s love means to me. For me and for Jordan and Jameson too.StoriedStyledMDW-14StoriedStyledMDW-15StoriedStyledMDW-16StoriedStyledMDW-17Jameson also got to hang with his Godmommy, and I love this photo of them giving each other some stank face.StoriedStyledMDW-21StoriedStyledMDW-22This was some weekend, my friends. One for the books. Planned moments and random moments. Old friends and new friends. A little rain, but mostly sunshine. Family. Food. Freedom, thanks to the sacrifices of many, and thanks to the sacrifice of One. I’m tired, but I’m full.

Saying bye to spring and heading into summer liiiiiike…..StoriedStyledMDW-23

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