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The Most Unique Burger in NYC

January 18, 2017

When Jordan and I were dating and living in different cities, we both looked forward to when the other person would visit, and we’d get to introduce them to our favorite food spots (mine in D.C. and his in NYC).

Since those very early days, Jordan has been telling me that I had to try this one spot in NYC with crazy unique burgers — a Slovakian burger that’s wrapped in dough and deep fried, to be exact. On a recent day when Jameson was in daycare and our schedules were free, we made the journey to the far away land of Brooklyn (that’s sarcasm, in case you’re unfamiliar with NYC public transit) to finally introduce me to Korzo — the restaurant the most unique burger in NYC.storiedstyledkorzoncoffee-5storiedstyledkorzoncoffee-6Korzo is a Slovakian-inspired restaurant in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. While they serve a range of comfort food, their deep fried burgers are by far their most popular menu items.

And I can understand why. They take grass-fed beef, a bunch of delicious toppings like cheese and , and wrap it all in dough and then drop that bad boy in a deep fryer. The result looks like this…storiedstyledkorzoncoffee-2Those toppings you see peeking out of that chewy dough is a combo of apple-smoked bacon, some fancy cheese I’ve never heard of, house-made mustard, and Korzo’s pickle of the season. storiedstyledkorzoncoffee-3Jordan opted for a version with a dry-aged ground steak blend, monterey jack cheese, bacon, cognac-spiked berry gastrique, and spicy Hungarian peppers.

What made this whole situation even more delicious was Korzo’s collection of homemade sauces, including my favorite — the beet ketchup. So good, that even Jordan who swears up and down that he detests beets was slathering it on.storiedstyledkorzoncoffeeTo achieve perfection here, the secret is to add the ketchup to the burger, take a couple bites, and then reapply another layer of ketchup. Repeat and repeat.storiedstyledkorzoncoffee-4There’s obviously a ton of good food all around NYC, but even so, Korzo is a destination that’s worth a trip. Apparently, even the president of Slovakia has visited because of all the hype. So surely, you can find a way there too. :-)

What was also worth the trip to Park Slope was the place we stopped by after visiting Korzo — a place called Bread & Joe, which we came across accidentally on our way back to the Prospect Ave subway station.

They serve La Colombe coffee (some of our favorites!), so we ordered coffee and bought a bag of beans to take home.storiedstyledkorzoncoffee-9storiedstyledkorzoncoffee-7They also serve matcha donuts that I was really excited to try. And that little donut had me like…YESSIR!storiedstyledkorzoncoffee-8I left Park Slope feeling like I’d tasted the most unique burger in NYC and one of the most unique donuts too. I’ll take it.

And Jordan left feeling happy that he’d finally gotten to show me the spot he’d been talking about for over four years.

Next time you’re in Park Slope, you know where to go.


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  • Reply
    January 22, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    The food looks absolutely DELICIOUS! Trying to get through this post without trying to recreate this was definitely a chore. LOL! I’ve never had a deep-fried hamburger and now it’s a must that I try one.

    NYC is on my travel list for this year so I’ll definitely have to keep these places in mind.

    • Reply
      Jessica Rice
      January 25, 2017 at 12:36 am

      Haha! A few people sent me messages saying how much they wanted to eat after reading this! There’s so much good food in NYC, I hope you’re able to make the trip this year!

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