Easter Favorites

April 8, 2018

I’m a little behind on posting pics from our Easter, mainly because I’ve been opting for sleeping over blogging these days. #38weekspregnant. But there were a few favorite shots from our celebration that I didn’t want to lose track of, so I figure better late than never. 

First, a week before Easter, our church hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for families in our neighborhood. Jameson had a ball hunting for eggs and playing games. He also refused to get close to the Easter Bunny, even though one of his best buds told him, “It’s ok, Jameson, I’ll help you.” (SO cute.) So we settled on a few pics of him playing games and of me and Jordan with the Bunny. Weeks later, and Jameson still asks me if the Easter Bunny will be at church when we get there on Sunday mornings.

Easter Sunday itself was a busy, full-out celebration with three services that welcomed almost 800 people. We forced Jameson and his cousins to take some photos after church, and the fact that no photo has all of them looking at the camera at the same time is a good indication of how worn out all of us were. But, I love these shots, and these little people, nonetheless.

Everybody hop like a bunny!

Jameson says, “Peace out!” though he needs a little help making a peace sign from his big cousins. :-)

Hope you and yours had a sweet Easter!

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    April 11, 2018 at 12:02 am

    What a precious post! You really captured the personalities – and cuteness -of our adorable children! 👧🏽👦🏽🧒🏽

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