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Suite Life at the Jets Game

December 8, 2016

On Monday night, the NY Jets played at home against the Indy Colts, and our friends with a hookup for crazy good tickets in the Jets’ “Green Suite” took us to the game.

Jordan is a hopeless Jets fan, based on a love affair that started when he was five-years-old and saw them play live. He’s been yelling at the Jets through the TV and his Twitter feed ever since, so I was glad he’d get to do all of that in person while having the consolation of delicious free food and comfy seats at his disposal.

storiedstyledjetsgame-3For a December night game, it was surprisingly mild, and we had a great time watching the first half of the game from great seats with our friends Broderick and Kelley.

Here, Jordan explains how the Jets have an uncanny ability to find ways to lose a game. LOL.storiedstyledjetsgame-5And here, Jordan realizes his photo is being taken and decides to mock my desire for a candid photo. Smh.storiedstyledjetsgame-6And here, he’s clearly pleased with himself. This is a guy who knows his wife loves to laugh and finds him ridiculous.storiedstyledjetsgame-7storiedstyledjetsgame-2storiedstyledjetsgame-4storiedstyledjetsgameAt halftime we moved inside to get dessert, apparently just in time to miss two streakers running naked across the field. That was probably the most excitement those poor Jets fans had all night.

While experiencing a live game is always fun, the best part of the night was hanging and catching up with our friends who brought us to the game. They’re some of our favorite people and I’m always grateful for how they came into our lives…

The story goes that just after Jordan and I got married in 2013, Kelley read our story online and saw Jordan was a pastor in Harlem. She and Broderick had recently moved to Harlem from L.A. and were interested in finding a church. Kelley reached out to Jordan on Facebook, and he shared our plans to start a church, but at that point, we didn’t even have a name for what’s now Renaissance Church.storiedstyledjetsgame-8Fast-forward six months, and after a few failed attempts to coordinate schedules and meet up with Kelley and Broderick, Jordan had stopped trying. We ran into them at an event with 250 people, and the four of us end up sitting together at the same table. There was bonding over basketball (the husbands played in college), books, family dynamics, and a general disposition to laugh at stuff.storiedstyledjetsgame-10 Nine months later, they become a foundational family in our church, but more than that, they become true friends. Host-your-baby-shower, come-to-your-parents’-house-for-Thanksgiving, watch-your-baby-in-a-pinch kind of friends. And now we can add hook-you-up-with-expensive-Jets-tickets to the list. We get it, Broderick and Kelley. You’re awesome. :-)storiedstyledjetsgame-9And we’re so excited for our friends, because after nearly 10 years of marriage, they’re getting ready to have a baby! So our football watching was accompanied by lots of talk about labor, delivery, and questions like, “Yo! Can you believe you’re about to be somebody’s Mom/Dad?!” We also have running jokes about the fellas providing doula “doulo” services for one another — you know, because the labor and delivery is just so hard on the guys. (Serious side eye.)storiedstyledjetsgame-11At the end of the night, the Jets lost to the Colts, 41 – 10. Yikes.

But that suite life, with great friends, was pretty sweet.storiedstyledjetsgame-12


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