Snow Day Joy
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Snow Day Joy

December 20, 2020

The first snow day in NYC deserves documentation — particularly when that snow day also happens to be two-year-old Josiah’s first chance to play in and explore the snow. (For some reason, the city didn’t get a lot of snow in 2019).

And so in the midst of this crazy 2020 year, Jordan and I raced around to two different Targets to pick up a random assortment of snow pants, boots, and mittens. I’m not sure we talk enough about the fact that the preparation to get small kids outside to play in the snow is easily 4x as long as the actual amount of time you’re likely to spend in said snow.

But alas, this is why I was trigger happy with my iPhone. And this here blog is gonna get. these. photos.

The two-block walk from our apartment to the park probably took no less than 40 minutes. Jameson was eagerly climbing and falling into every “mountain” of snow he came across, and Josiah was discovering how cumbersome it is to navigate the world in cold weather gear, i.e. snow boots and mittens. I thought for sure that he’d fight having those mittens on, but clearly it was cold enough for Josiah to know better.

Jameson was clearly in his happy place — finding space for his favorite activity: “relaxing” (his word choice, not mine). I have no idea where he gets this stuff.

Snow Day Joy

Josiah was delighted to see his neighborhood park covered in snow. And in these next two pics, he kept repeating, “CHEEEEEESE!” Between the two boys posing for these pics, my heart was totally exploding, lol.

We finally made it to the park and were happy to run into a couple families from our church. Jordan and I chatted as the boys got acquainted with a snowman that someone had constructed earlier in the day. Josiah was also mesmerized to watch a group a kids build a snowball fort/barricade situation nearby.

Snow angels were made…

Snow flakes were tasted, and chubby cheeks turned rosy.

Josiah and I wandered aimlessly through snow piles and snapped a selfie, while Jordan and Jameson went off to ask someone if they could borrow a sled (the one thing Target was completely sold out of).

And in classic NYC fashion, people had all kinds of objects that they had fashioned into sleds. Leftover cardboard? Check. Plastic storage bin lid? Check. But perhaps the very best was a group of Franciscan Friars who were out in the park using giant sheet pans–all while still donning their habit attire.

And, of course, they were kind enough to let Jameson borrow one for a few rides. It was probably his first time on a sled, and he could have easily gone down that hill for two hours.

Lots of snow, lots of firsts, and lots of joy. All followed up by cups of hot cocoa and marshmallows.

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