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Holiday Train Show at NY Botanical Garden

December 21, 2015

When we visited the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the NY Botanical Garden (see this post), I learned about the annual Holiday Train Show and knew I had to bring Jameson back. In addition to it helping me meet my goal of visiting the Garden at least once during all four seasons, I knew Jordan would also be really excited to go. He was crazy about toy trains when he was younger, and it was their family tradition to set up a train that would make circles around their Christmas tree. (Yes, I married a man who’s family is as darling as the Huxtables).

To avoid the crowds, we headed to the train show this past Friday. The grounds were beautifully adorned with Christmas decorations, and perhaps for the first time this year, I started to get excited about the Christmas season.
DSC_7435DSC_7454DSC_7447Jameson’s friend since utero, Axel, came along with his mom (and our dear friend) Heather. You can see that we had some trouble getting them to understand this whole posing for the camera thing. They were much more interested in trying to touch each other, and Jameson was not happy that I was getting in the way.DSC_7469DSC_7470We grabbed hot cider and hot cocoa from the outdoor cafe and headed to the Conservatory, where the exhibit is held. IMG_7622I had high hopes for what we’d see, but when we got inside, we were all blown away.DSC_7541DSC_7578The detail on all of the different replica buildings and bridges from around New York were incredible. And everything is made from natural materials – twigs, leaves, seeds, moss, acorns, etc.
DSC_7587DSC_7663Jameson was completely fascinated by the trains that were zipping by above our heads. And a little freaked out when the trains were coming toward him.IMG_7585IMG_7603DSC_7597
Meanwhile, we were like little kids as we came across the different replicas, shouting out, “Look, there’s the GW bridge! Look, there’s the Apollo Theater!”DSC_7653DSC_7687DSC_7548I especially loved the little angels from Rockefeller Center in the photo above, because those are my favorite decorations to visit in NYC during the holidays.
Visiting the train show was such a great outing and definitely just another reason to love NYC. If you’re thinking about making a trip, find a time to go before it closes on January 18. They even have bar cart nights for adults on the weekends, and strolling through the exhibit when it’s all lit up would make for a pretty great date night.


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