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Four Recipes to Make this Fall

One of my favorite things about the arrival of fall is the array of foods that come along with the season. I’m all the way here for eating all of the pumpkin and warm spices and root vegetables and stews.

Over the years, I’ve developed a few go-to recipes that I look forward to making every fall, and these four are among my favorites… Continue Reading

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Wowfulls on the Lower East Side

Am I the only one who feels overwhelmed trying to keep up with all of the themed celebrations that come up these days? Like National Donut Day, National Puppy Day, National Siblings Day (which I swear happens at least three times a year), or International Bacon Day (I thought I made this one up, but Google told me it’s coming up on September 2). It’s all way too much.

And yet… when I learned yesterday was National Ice Cream day, it seems I had a change of heart and felt this was one themed day I should get behind.  Continue Reading

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The Most Unique Burger in NYC

When Jordan and I were dating and living in different cities, we both looked forward to when the other person would visit, and we’d get to introduce them to our favorite food spots (mine in D.C. and his in NYC).

Since those very early days, Jordan has been telling me that I had to try this one spot in NYC with crazy unique burgers — a Slovakian burger that’s wrapped in dough and deep fried, to be exact.  Continue Reading

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Brunch in Brooklyn: Five Leaves

A few months ago, while killing time on a long flight, Jordan watched a show that profiled places where NYC chefs eat, when they’re off the clock and without obligation to be at their own restaurant.

Jordan came home from that trip, raving about the show and insisting that we had to check out a few of the profiled restaurants — one being Five Leaves in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. For outings like these, I need very little convincing. Continue Reading