An Interview with a Stylist: Deeper than Fashion

Fashion Week just ended in NYC, fall is officially here, and award season is upon us, which means there’s lots of beautiful eye candy being produced from the fashion world these days.

All of this has me inspired to think about what I might add or take away from my wardrobe, and I’ve also been intrigued by what it’s like to be the people who dress the famous and stylish. Thankfully, I’ve got a super talented costume designer/stylist friend who agreed to sit down with me and give the inside scoop on styling and tips for how to approach the way we dress. Continue Reading


Jameson’s First Day of Pre-K 3

It’s hard to believe we’ve reached this moment, but the fact remains: today was Jameson’s first day of Pre-K 3. We’ve been preparing him for this day — telling him that he’d stop going to his beloved daycare and start going to the “big school.” We got him a new backpack, prepared him to make new friends, and introduced him to the concept of wearing a uniform.  Continue Reading


Josiah at 4 Months

Our baby boy turned four-months-old this week! When I look at his older brother, I know for certain that his growth has and will continue to go fast. And yet, my sleep-deprived brain is conscious of every part of the past four months. It’s as they say: “The days are long, but the years are short.” Continue Reading


The Fragility of Life

Yesterday marked nine years since my late husband, Jarronn, passed away.

Nine years have gone by, and the time seems to have been long and short at the same time. The years have been full of life lessons and refining moments, and yet so many people have felt an emptiness in the space he used to occupy as a dear friend and family member.

I still think of him often. I think about how incredibly special he was. About the imprint he’s left on me. About how much he’s loved and missed. And how none of us — not him, not me, not the people who knew him — had the slightest clue that a random Thursday in July would be his last day here with us.

Continue Reading