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Baby Gear Top Picks

At this very moment I know eight women who are pregnant.

That’s a whole lotta babies, folks! And most of these ladies are expecting their first child, which brings a different and exciting level of anticipation. It also brings a whole different level of wondering, “what the heck do I need to have on hand when this little person arrives and moves in for-ev-er?!”

There are so many stinkin’ baby products out there, and the amount of choice is overwhelming, especially when a pregnant mind is already bogged down with thoughts about so many things. I’ve had a few of my pregnant friends email or text me with questions about my favorite items, so I figured it might be worth sharing my thoughts and top picks here, particularly for anyone living in a big city or with limited space.  Continue Reading


The Mixtape // 08.19.16

We’ve spent the last week traveling for our annual family reunion, and it hasn’t left much time for blogging or screens, in general. But getting a chance to unplug a bit has been a really good thing.

Here’s this week’s little round up of things that made the last seven days memorable.  Continue Reading


Family Reunion in Buffalo Junction, VA

One of the things I’ve inherited in marrying Jordan is his family’s annual tradition of a reunion in Buffalo Junction, VA — the birthplace of his grandmother. It’s a tradition that has stood for more than 25 years, and it’s one the family looks forward to every year.

If you’ve never heard of Buffalo Junction, well, that makes sense. It’s a tiny town close to the southern border of Virginia where you’ll encounter long stretches of farm land, no traffic lights, and no cell phone service (seriously, you might as well just turn it off). Continue Reading

Around NYC

End of Summer Wish List

I know, I know… summer 2016 has flown by! But this is what I figure — we could be sad or complain about how fast it’s gone. Or we could get intentional about making the most of what’s left. I’ve decided to choose the latter.

And listen, there’s still a decent amount of summer left — let’s not sell summer short and declare it over once Labor Day Weekend rolls around. No sir! I’m holding to the true calendar, which says summer ends September 20, which also means we’ve still got six weeks to soak up all of this season’s goodness.

Here’s my wish list of things I hope to do to make the most of these last weeks of summer. Continue Reading