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Two Days in Nashville

For the past couple years, Nashville has been on my list of U.S. cities I wanted to visit, based on all the great things I was always hearing about the place. So when Jordan had work-related reasons to travel to Nashville last week for a couple of days, I was all in to tag along and make a trip of it.

And I can see what all the hype is about. Continue Reading


Three Days in Savannah, GA

For several years now, I’ve had Savannah on my list of cities I wanted to visit, hoping to experience what I saw in pictures — the southern charm, beautiful homes, and live oak trees dripping in Spanish moss. This past weekend, I finally got my wish, as a few close girlfriends and I met in Savannah for a long weekend stay. Continue Reading


Family Reunion in Buffalo Junction, VA

One of the things I’ve inherited in marrying Jordan is his family’s annual tradition of a reunion in Buffalo Junction, VA — the birthplace of his grandmother. It’s a tradition that has stood for more than 25 years, and it’s one the family looks forward to every year.

If you’ve never heard of Buffalo Junction, well, that makes sense. It’s a tiny town close to the southern border of Virginia where you’ll encounter long stretches of farm land, no traffic lights, and no cell phone service (seriously, you might as well just turn it off). Continue Reading