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Our Babymoon in Mexico City

After much deliberation, Jordan and I settled on Mexico City as the destination for our babymoon — one last trip before baby #2 arrives. We chose Mexico City for several reasons — for the flight that’s just a little over four hours from NYC, for the high elevation, which means no risk of Zika-spreading mosquitos, and for the fact that a gazillion people had talked about how great of a city it is.

And boy were they right. It’s been a crazy three weeks since our trip, and I had hundreds of photos to sort through, but I’m really excited to share a snapshot of our time there. I even put together a short video with this recap as an attempt to capture a bit of the vibe of the city. Make sure you scroll to the end of this post if you want to check that out.

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A Weekend Away with Friends in PA

Jordan and I spent this past weekend hanging out with friends in a small Pennsylvania town called Bernville — all as part of keeping up an annual tradition that started over five years ago. The tradition goes like this: every year, on the first weekend of February, six married couples rent a house somewhere and get together to catch up on life and share a lot of laughs. Continue Reading


Exploring Miami’s Little Haiti

Last week Jordan and I had the chance to spend a couple days in Miami for a retreat with other church planters, and it was a very good time.

In addition to getting to catch up with old friends from around the country and globe, we had free time to explore a bit. It’s also worth mentioning we got to do all of this in 75-degree weather, as opposed to the frigid polar vortex temps NYC had been subjected to. Continue Reading


7 Babymoon Destinations (Or Places To Travel in 2018)

Being the lover of travel that I am, when I first heard the term “babymoon” three years ago while I was pregnant with Jameson, it didn’t take long for me to be completely bought in to the concept. If you’re not familiar with the term, the idea is that a couple will take a final trip before becoming a family of three.

Now I’m clearly not one to believe all traveling has to stop once a baby arrives (evidenced by all the trips Jameson has made), but I do recognize that finding time to travel away from a baby as a couple is not always easy. So one final trip before the stresses of childcare and separation anxiety kick in is, to me, a wonderful idea.  Continue Reading


Seeing Another Side of Las Vegas

Last weekend, Jordan was invited to preach at a church in Las Vegas, and since he’d never visited the city, we figured we’d make a trip out of it.

And since I’ve gotten to visit Vegas a bunch of times (you can see a recap of my last trip here), I made plans for us to explore a balance of things both on and off the Vegas Strip.  Continue Reading