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Seeing Another Side of Las Vegas

Last weekend, Jordan was invited to preach at a church in Las Vegas, and since he’d never visited the city, we figured we’d make a trip out of it.

And since I’ve gotten to visit Vegas a bunch of times (you can see a recap of my last trip here), I made plans for us to explore a balance of things both on and off the Vegas Strip.  Continue Reading

Travel Guides

Travel Guide: Nashville

Typically before we travel to a new place, I spend a good amount of time doing research and making a tentative list of places for us to visit. I ask friends from those places or others who’ve been there what I should check out. And I browse online for reviews and photos.

While I love to recap our trips here on the blog, those posts tend to go into details about people we met or conversations had along the way, and I figured there might be some of you who just want a quick guide of places to check out. So I’m putting together some travel guides that compile lists of places I’ve checked out on my travels or the spots that were recommended to me by locals/friends that I may not have had time to check out.

First up in this series, is Nashville — a city that was long on my “to-visit” list based on all of the rave reviews from others.

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West Coast Vibes

Wishing all of you a relaxing and safe fourth of July! We’ll be taking it easy today, as Jordan and I recover from a busy long weekend in L.A. and Ventura, California. We were out there so that Jordan could officiate the wedding of two friends, and on Sunday he preached at the church of some other friends.

Here are a few photos from the trip, if you’re interested in taking a look.  Continue Reading

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Life Abroad in Shanghai, China

For as much as I love getting to call Harlem, NYC home, there are times when my mind wanders to thoughts about what it might be like to live abroad for a year or two. To immerse our family in a different culture, new adventures, perhaps a new language. In my 34+ years of life, I’ve moved to different cities and states, but still never farther than a three-hour drive from where I was born. So the whole idea of packing up and moving across an ocean is hard to fathom.

And yet, lots of people do it. And I’m totally fascinated by it.

Since I don’t see an international move in my near future, I figured the next best thing was to send a barrage of questions to a friend who is doing the very thing that I find so fascinating, in part to learn something new and to also live vicariously through her. Continue Reading


Fun Times in Austin, TX

We spent most of last week in a city we’d long been hoping to visit — Austin, TX.

Back in 2010, Austin was nowhere on my radar. But between SXSW, Austin City Limits, and a general cultural appreciation for all things weird, I feel like Austin has steadily made it onto everybody’s radar. So much so that when I told people Jordan and I were going to visit, they were surprised to hear it was our first visit. Continue Reading