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The Mixtape // 08.11.17

Last week, two friends and I got on a train and headed out of the city. After an hour’s ride, we reached Cold Spring, NY where we rented stand up paddleboards and explored the quaint town. It was a great time, and I took way too many pictures, so I’m sharing them in today’s mixtape, along with a few other things that should be on your radar.  Continue Reading


Seeing Another Side of Las Vegas

Last weekend, Jordan was invited to preach at a church in Las Vegas, and since he’d never visited the city, we figured we’d make a trip out of it.

And since I’ve gotten to visit Vegas a bunch of times (you can see a recap of my last trip here), I made plans for us to explore a balance of things both on and off the Vegas Strip.  Continue Reading


How to Be There for Someone Who Lost A Loved One

Last week marked eight years since my first husband, Jarronn, passed away. Each year, as the date approaches, I do a lot of reflecting. Not so much about Jarronn — I still think about him regularly, regardless of the time of year. But more so about what it was like for me to go through such an earth-shattering loss. The shock. The depths of my grief. The blurry moments of trying to pick up the pieces.

Along with all of that, I can’t help but also think about the gestures made by others that helped me walk through it all. The anniversary of Jarronn’s death marks a time of deep sadness, but it also marks a time when I experienced kindness from other people in a way I never had before. Continue Reading


The Mixtape // 08.04.17

Jordan and I have been on the road twice in the last two weeks, making trips to Charlotte and Las Vegas (more photos and details on that next week), and both trips were really fun and relaxing times. But am I the only one who feels that shortened work weeks always seem like a great idea until you get back to reality and are left to catch up on everything?

It’s been a bit quiet here this week for that reason, but I’ve got a few things to share as we head into the weekend… Continue Reading

At Home

Capsule Wardrobe Thoughts + Tips

A little over a month ago, I decided to give capsule wardrobing a try — I packed away 75% of my clothes and chose to wear just 38 items for the next 30 days. Having gotten through the month with my capsule wardrobe, here are my thoughts and tips if you’re thinking about creating a capsule wardrobe for yourself.  Continue Reading