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July 2016


The Mixtape

Happy Friday, friends!

I’m capping off the week with a little round up of things that made the last seven days memorable. In the interest of capturing meaningful moments and sharing something that might inspire us to live better stories, I’m thinking I might make this a regular thing. And kind of like that classic mixtape you’d make in middle school for a friend, I’m putting highlights together and passing them on. Continue Reading

Around NYC

Trapeze Date

On Monday morning, I was having a quick catch up call with one of my girl friends, and the conversation went something like this:

Friend: “So what’s on your agenda for the day?”

Me: “Well, a sitter is on the way to watch Jameson. I’ve got to head to the office to take care of some things for church. And then I’m headed to trapeze class.”

Friend: “Trapeze class?! Ok, you’re just gonna drop that in there, huh?” Continue Reading


Exploring San Francisco

I’ve posted less than normal this past week, but it’s with good reason — we were off exploring San Francisco, and I was soaking up every minute. I already shared the part of our trip that took us to Yosemite (which you can read here), and now I’m happy to capture the highlights of our days in San Francisco.

Despite Jameson’s unamused look, we had a great time. But sometimes, when you travel with kids, and you rely on strangers to take family photos, well… this is the very best/only presentable shot you come up with. Continue Reading


Yosemite National Park

There are a lot of places all around the world that I’d love to see. And it seems that every time I cross one place off, I add two more places to the list. I suppose that’s why they call it wanderlust, and I’ve got a bad case of it.

We’re wrapping up a weeklong trip to San Francisco (more on that later this week), and given our extended time in the Bay area, it afforded us time to make a trip that I’ve wanted to take for oh so long — a visit to Yosemite National Park.  Continue Reading

Around NYC

Stand Up Paddleboarding

One of the things I love most about doing something new or traveling to a new place is that it inspires and spurs me on to do more new things and see more new places. It’s got this infectious/contagious thing going on.

Back when we did a new thing and went on our Staten Island adventure (you can see that here), our trusted tour guide and dear friend, Tanya, and I talked about how we’d never tried stand up paddleboarding but really wanted to give it a go. Jordan jumped in and encouraged us to pick a Sunday and go, insisting that both of us needed a day of rest from all of our responsibilities at church (Tanya is the children’s ministry director, and I handle communications, along with a mish mosh of things).

So this past Sunday was our day — we set out to try something new and rest.
Continue Reading