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May 2016

Around NYC

Hanging by The Hudson

The moment I’ve been waiting for finally arrived yesterday — hot weather! An 87 degree day, to be exact. And while I know there are lots of New Yorkers who hate when the city gets hot, I absolutely love it. You hear me?! Love it. Summer is my favorite season (although, I did write about the fall making a go at it), and after the long run of unseasonably cool weather that we’ve had, I welcomed our warm day with open arms. Continue Reading

Around NYC

A Sweet Sunday

“Today was a really sweet day.”

These were Jordan’s words as we made our way home last night as the sun dipped behind the trees. Pushing Jameson in the stroller, past the teenaged boys on the basketball court, the people giving us approving smiles after looking at Jameson, past the local fruit stand, past the ladies offering to braid my hair, past the bodegas, the laundromat, and up the hill to our apartment.

And he was right. Jordan’s statement was simple, but it was layered with meaning.  Continue Reading

Around NYC, Food

7 Places to Eat in Harlem

In the past six weeks, we’ve had an influx of people visiting us in Harlem — my dad, friends, cousins, and surrogate family. It’s been a busy, but fulfilling time of catching up with people we don’t get to see on a regular basis.

Inevitably, when people visit us in NYC and ask us what they should do while in town, our suggestions always involve some food, because 1) we’re greedy and absolutely love to eat, and 2) there’s just so much good food here in New York. Continue Reading

At Home, Family

Cinco De Baby Birthday Brunch

While we kept Jameson’s actual birthday pretty low-key, we decided we wanted to throw a small party to celebrate and thank the people who helped take care of him during his first year of life, whether that was in babysitting or watching consoling him in the nursery at church.

And since his birthday falls on Cinco de Mayo, we thought a fiesta-themed brunch would fit the bill.  Continue Reading


Jameson Turns One

Last week, our baby boy turned one! It might be surprising to hear me say I don’t really have a hard time believing that a year has gone by since he was born. Being at home with him, I think I’ve fully felt each day of the past year. So you won’t hear me say, “wow, that year flew by.” Nope. It felt like a full 365.

But what I am surprised by is just how much he’s grown in a year. As I look back on photos, I marvel at how small he was. How light he was in our arms. How much he slept throughout the day. How little he could control his movements. How cute I thought that little wrinkly baby was. Continue Reading