Top 10 Moments of 2016

December 29, 2016

2016 is almost in the books, and I know for many people, we can’t move on to 2017 soon enough.

As I look back on the year, I’m grateful this blog has been a special way for me to document so many of the highlights of 2016. And I’m really grateful to all of you who’ve read along and have been incredibly supportive of my little space on the web — far more than I could have anticipated.

I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring, but first, here’s my list of Top 10 Moments of 2016 (in no particular order). 

1. Our trip to Portland, JamaicaDSC_9745-2IMG_6093DSC_9982-2DSC_9529-2In March we spent time with my mom in Portland, Jamaica, which is a less-visited, but most beautiful, section of the island. It’s one of my favorite trips we’ve taken.

2. Celebrating Jameson’s first birthdayStoriedStyled12Months-8StoriedStyledFiestaBrunch-14StoriedStyledFiestaBrunch-3We managed to keep this little guy alive, and we celebrated him with a homemade cake he didn’t like and a special Mexican-themed “Cinco de Baby” birthday brunch (his birthday is Cinco de Mayo).

3. Taking a trapeze classVersion 2StoriedStyledTrapeze-8StoriedStyledTrapeze-20Shout out to Jordan for making my dreams of flying through the air come true. This was easily one of the most memorable dates ever, and my muscles ached for about 10 days after the fact, which also kept it top of mind. :-) This year, I also got to try stand up paddle boarding for the first time, which was a ton of fun.

4. Celebrating three years of marriageStoriedStyled3Years-8StoriedStyledSI-16StoriedStyledSF-56Our third year of marriage had us adjusting to life with a baby, but I’m grateful for all of the lessons in three years and how we’ve been made stronger. It was really helpful to have a great example in Jordan’s parents and to learn so much at our amazing marriage retreat.

5. Checking Yosemite National Park off my bucket listStoriedStyledYosemite-29StoriedStyledYosemite-24StoriedStyledYosemite-6We got to travel quite a bit this year — to Memphis, San Francisco, and Miami to name a few. But even now when I see photos of Yosemite, I still get emotional. It’s that amazing of a place, and I can’t wait to go back. I feel privileged that we got to see it.

6. Decorating our homeStoriedStyledHangingPhotos-2storiedstyledoffice-3Little by little, I’m trying to get our apartment together. You may be surprised to know Jameson isn’t a very big help in this department, but I’m so glad we got some of our photographs on the wall and our home office decorated.

7. Visiting Savannah with girlfriendsStoriedStyledSavannah-17StoriedStyledSavannah-7StoriedStyledSavannah-10Cue the Golden Girls theme music… time with my girlfriends might be the very best medicine for my soul. I’m so grateful for the time I had with different friends this year in Vegas, exploring Savannah, and via Google hangout for a monthly virtual book club.

8. “Doing Life” with amazing people from our churchIMG_0079StoriedStyledSweetSunday-5StoriedStyledMemphis-27Jordan’s work as a pastor and church planter requires a whole lot. But it also has incredible rewards — namely in getting to share life with so many amazing people. People who care for us and Jameson. People who, over time, we get to see get married, have babies, pursue dreams, serve our neighborhood, overcome heartbreak, and ultimately grow in their knowledge of God’s deep love for them.

9. Seeing Hamilton: An American Musicalstoriedstyledhamilton-3storiedstyledhamilton-2My obsession with this musical will continue to burn strong well into 2017. I still can’t believe we got to see it, but every time I play the soundtrack or mixtape (which is very, very often), I love that I can visualize the stage performance as I sing along.

10. Dealing with the hard stuffStoriedStyledDad-25033_97013242819_6104807_nAnd of course, 2016 brought some tough stuff. Painful stuff. Like managing a new normal with my dad and processing seven years since my first husband died. These things aren’t easy, but they are a part of life. They keep me reliant on God and others. And they keep me appreciating all of the high moments even more.

Thank you, 2016 — I tried to make the most of you, to make the most of my story. And you’ve given me a ton for which I’m grateful.

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