Josiah at 4 Months

Our baby boy turned four-months-old this week! When I look at his older brother, I know for certain that his growth has and will continue to go fast. And yet, my sleep-deprived brain is conscious of every part of the past four months. It’s as they say: “The days are long, but the years are short.” Continue Reading


The Fragility of Life

Yesterday marked nine years since my late husband, Jarronn, passed away.

Nine years have gone by, and the time seems to have been long and short at the same time. The years have been full of life lessons and refining moments, and yet so many people have felt an emptiness in the space he used to occupy as a dear friend and family member.

I still think of him often. I think about how incredibly special he was. About the imprint he’s left on me. About how much he’s loved and missed. And how none of us — not him, not me, not the people who knew him — had the slightest clue that a random Thursday in July would be his last day here with us.

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Mount Snow, Vermont

Visiting Vermont: A Getaway from NYC

One night two weeks ago, Jordan casually mentioned that he had a slower work week coming up and wanted to get out of the city. This, my friends, is not the thing to say to a travel addict like myself. While my response was, “Ok, cool,” my actions were anything but chill. I spent the next three hours scouring AirBnB for available rental homes we could afford and drive to (and yes, this absolutely added to my sleep deprivation. But yes, who cares, because — travel).  Continue Reading


The Mixtape // 07.06.18

Hey there! It’s Friday. And after watching my niece and nephew (whom I love dearly), along with my two kids yesterday, I’m celebrating the fact that I have two kids instead of four. :-) Seriously, to all of you parents with four or more kids — MAJOR SALUTE!

I’m capping off the week with a little round up of things that made the last seven days memorable. I’m hoping these meaningful moments might inspire us to live better stories. And kind of like that classic mixtape you’d make in middle school for a friend, I’m putting highlights together and passing them on.

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