Jameson at 18 Months

If you don’t have kids and you’ve always wondered why parents of small children insist on describing their child’s age by months instead of years, listen, I get it. I, too, wondered what all the fuss was about when it came to saying “14-months-old,” instead of plain, simple, old “one.”

But then I had a kid, and it quickly became apparent that they change and grow so fast, that each month in the first two years really is a significant marker. And that’s why I try to capture things about Jameson here — as things are moving quickly and constantly changing, I want to remember the random moments that make up this stage of life. 

His exploration of the world around him.storiedstyledjameson18mo-14His determination to get what he wants.storiedstyledjameson18moHis obsession with Sesame Street (that’s Cookie Monster in that little car of his). He hums “Sunny Days” and a mash up of other songs from the show whenever he wants us to put it on.storiedstyledjameson18mo-13His curiosity that — to my horror — makes him want to pick up random things from city streets every few steps we take.storiedstyledjameson18mo-7storiedstyledjameson18mo-5His new routine of telling us to put him in his crib at night. Like, “I’ve had enough with you all. I’d like to retire now.”storiedstyledjameson18mo-6His seven teeth that are coming in.storiedstyledjameson18mo-8His constant search for the exit. This guy is a serious flight risk.storiedstyledjameson18mo-9His understanding of everything we’re saying to him and his choice not to listen to us.storiedstyledjameson18mo-11His love to laugh and be tickled.storiedstyledjameson18mo-2His excitement over the alphabet.storiedstyledjameson18mo-4His decision to finally start using the word, “Mommy.”storiedstyledjameson18mo-14

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    Ma Rice
    November 13, 2016 at 1:40 am

    Love the photos, love the text; you captured 18 month old Jameson perfectly!

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