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    Josiah at 6 Months

    This guy is six-months-old. He’s keeping me busy, so this post is more about the photos taken to capture him in this stage and less about lots of words to describe him. …

  • Fall in Central Park
    Around NYC, Family

    Fall in Central Park

    It’s a pretty wonderful thing to find yourself without any plans, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, in the height of fall in New York City. As if the city isn’t awe-inspiring enough…

  • Family

    Josiah at 4 Months

    Our baby boy turned four-months-old this week! When I look at his older brother, I know for certain that his growth has and will continue to go fast. And yet, my sleep-deprived…

  • Family

    The Fragility of Life

    Yesterday marked nine years since my late husband, Jarronn, passed away. Nine years have gone by, and the time seems to have been long and short at the same time. The years…