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Easter Photos

We had a really beautiful time celebrating Easter over the weekend, reflecting on Jesus’s love, sacrifice, suffering, death, and resurrection. There was lots of hard work that went into preparing for the holiday, so I’m looking forward to getting caught up and catching my breath.

I’m up way past my bedtime and will likely kick myself for this in the morning, but I wanted to at least get some of the photos from Easter up on the blog, before it gets too far away from me. (Nobody’s trying to look at Easter pics on Cinco de Mayo.) :-)  Continue Reading


Jameson at 23 Months

Jameson turned 23-months-old last Wednesday, and it’s hard to believe we’ll be celebrating his second birthday in just a few weeks. Besides thinking about how I can pull off a party with a Sesame Street/Cinco de Mayo fusion theme, I’ve had lots of other things on my mind when it comes to Jameson getting older. Continue Reading


The Advice We Give Before People Get Married

This weekend marks the beginning of wedding season for us. By the time summer is over, we’ll attend seven weddings. Jordan will officiate five of them. We’ll toast and eat and dance and be really grateful to witness them all.

Because of Jordan’s work as a pastor, we have regular opportunities to sit down with engaged couples and hear their plans for marriage. And inevitably, these couples ask us what advice we’d offer up as they prepare to make what’s arguably the most important commitment of their lives.

Here’s the first thing we share… Continue Reading


Jameson at 22 Months

A few days ago, Jordan and I were sitting down at our dining table with Jameson, talking as he ate his dinner. The conversation Jordan and I were having got contentious, and within a few minutes, both of us were raising our voices and telling the other person to “let me finish.”  Continue Reading


Jameson at 21 Months

Since the time when he was old enough to eat solids, we’ve been giving Jameson these little pouches of puréed mixed fruit and vegetables or ones with yogurt (which are really his jam).

And the pouches have always been an easy way for him to get a snack, both quickly and with little mess. We’ve got the pouches on automatic refill through Amazon, and a supply just shows up on the first of each month.

But lately, the pouches have become a thing. Not a thing for Jameson, but a thing for me. What was once just a quick snack in my mind has turned into much more. Nowadays, I’ll screw off the top of the pouch, hand it to Jameson, and he’ll hold it with his two little grubby hands and look up at me with Puss & Boots eyes, and I am pretty much reduced to a puddle of emotional mess. Continue Reading