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Around NYC

Pop-Up White Dinner in Brooklyn

One of my favorite things to experience during a New York City summer is one of the pop-up white dinners hosted by Handmade Events. When the tickets go on sale for these dinners, they sell out quickly, and with good reason–who wouldn’t want to attend a party with 5,000 beautiful people, decked out in white, in a dope location, and the very best vibes? Continue Reading

Around NYC

Taking the Tram to Roosevelt Island

Last Friday, I checked another item off my NYC bucket list when we rode the tram over to Roosevelt Island. For those of you not in NYC, Roosevelt Island sits east of Manhattan Island in the middle of the East River. It’s a tiny piece of land with only about 11,000 people living on it. And it’s a great place to take in a different view of the city.  Continue Reading

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Spring Wish List

Even though spring here in NYC is off to a very lackluster start, I’ve been closely watching the tiny buds on the trees and religiously checking the 10-day weather forecast, and I believe warmer days are coming.

As I press my way through these remaining chilly days we’re having, the thing that helps me most is daydreaming about my list of things I’m looking forward to. I’m sharing my wish list in hopes it might inspire you to create your own and motivate you to go about checking things off the list too. Newness and life will be ushered in by spring, and it’s the perfect time to try something new in our lives too.  Continue Reading

Around NYC

Day Date on the Lower East Side

Fridays are special days around here. Because Sundays are like work days for us, Fridays are the new Saturdays. And it works out great, because we drop off Jameson at daycare, finish up a little work, and then have the day to relax, enjoy each other, and hopefully enjoy something new in the city.

This past Friday we headed down to the Lower East Side in pursuit of “the best pancakes in the city.” Continue Reading

Around NYC

A Girlfriends Weekend in NYC

In the spirit of celebrating my friend’s birthday, I suggested she and another girlfriend make a trip from D.C. up to NYC for some fun this past weekend. We had such a good time celebrating her in Vegas last year, that I figured it was worth repeating, even if just on a local level. It was great to celebrate her, and selfishly, I’m always looking for an excuse to get together with friends.

Here are a few highlights, which made for a really fun girlfriends weekend in NYC… Continue Reading