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Eat in Harlem: Streetbird Rotisserie

On the days that my mom or Jordan’s mom watch Jameson, I try to get as much done as possible around the house or taking care of errands or work projects. And every now and then, Jordan and I make plans for a lunch date, which is always a welcomed treat and change of pace.

This past Monday, we made our way to Streetbird Rotisserie, which is a short walk from the church office. A lot of people know about Marcus Samuelson’s restaurant, Red Rooster, which helped make Harlem a destination for a lot of foodies in the city who otherwise would not have traveled uptown (which was a shame). Streetbird is his latest venture, which opened to a lot of fanfare. In fact, the wait to get in was so long when they first opened that up until yesterday, I’d only ever had take-out.
The menu has been reworked since they first opened, and chicken is the main thing. You can also get brunch all day (even during the week), and since breakfast is my favorite meal, I’m all about this. But this place is really all about the vibe inside, so I was glad to finally get a chance to visit. The décor oozes vintage hip hop, from the spray painted walls to the adidas and louis vuitton covered booths to the pairs of converse strung together and hanging from the pipes overhead. Whoever designed this place is pure genius.IMG_7347IMG_7356IMG_7353Taking a break from the to-do lists isn’t easy, but whenever we do, I’m so glad we did. It almost feels like we’re playing hookie from school, and getting over on somebody. The errands and tasks will be there, but these moments are what make life rich.IMG_7349

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