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November 2016


My Baby’s First Haircut

My baby isn’t looking so much like a baby anymore. There’s the big boy clothes. The running here and there. The big toddler attitude. And now, a fresh big boy haircut. This is crazy.

And while this will likely be one of thousands of haircuts he receives, there will only ever be one first haircut. So this was a process I had to document.  Continue Reading

At Home


The idea of a holiday focused on giving thanks is one I love, because I think gratitude is one of the greatest tools we have to help us live our best stories.

But the reality of the holiday season is that it can be really tough for a lot of us, as we think about all of the things in life that aren’t the way we’d like them to be. Truth is, this Thanksgiving isn’t our easiest or happiest.

But I’ve learned even those things that are uncomfortable or discouraging or challenging in our lives can offer up hope, perspective, contentment, and, ultimately, grateful hearts.

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Happy Birthday Jordan!

Every year, I have to live through the three weeks when Jordan and I are the same age, which is always accompanied by his jokes about me being an old lady. On Saturday, the world was restored and set right again, when he turned 35 — putting him back in the place of having an age one year greater than mine.  Continue Reading


Jameson at 18 Months

If you don’t have kids and you’ve always wondered why parents of small children insist on describing their child’s age by months instead of years, listen, I get it. I, too, wondered what all the fuss was about when it came to saying “14-months-old,” instead of plain, simple, old “one.”

But then I had a kid, and it quickly became apparent that they change and grow so fast, that each month in the first two years really is a significant marker. And that’s why I try to capture things about Jameson here — as things are moving quickly and constantly changing, I want to remember the random moments that make up this stage of life.  Continue Reading