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September 2016


Jameson at 16 Months

“Life with a toddler is humbling.”

Jordan was scrolling through an article on his phone and reading excerpts to me aloud. The article was all about typical toddler behavior, and it tried to reassure parents that most of the things we might find troubling about our child’s behavior were completely normal in his development to managing and expressing his emotions.

I’d just finished pouring out my heart about how Jameson’s hurling of things across the room and face slaps and throwing himself like an olympian doing a back dive into a pool have me questioning, “where did my sweet baby go?” And more accurately, “Am I getting this thing right?”  Continue Reading


Three Days in Savannah, GA

For several years now, I’ve had Savannah on my list of cities I wanted to visit, hoping to experience what I saw in pictures — the southern charm, beautiful homes, and live oak trees dripping in Spanish moss. This past weekend, I finally got my wish, as a few close girlfriends and I met in Savannah for a long weekend stay. Continue Reading

Around NYC

Labor Day

Boy, I love a three-day weekend. And this past Labor Day weekend was no exception. After non-stop weather reports of gloomy tropical storm weather, we were surprised with beautiful, sunny skies — which were perfect for spending time outside and enjoying some rest. Continue Reading