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April 2016

Around NYC

The Conservatory Garden

This week brought a couple trips to Central Park, which I can absolutely never get enough of. One of my favorite sections of the park is the Conservatory Garden on the Upper East Side (you can enter near 105th street and 5th Ave). Between the gorgeous blooms, serene fountains and twisting vines, we always leave there having coming down a bit from the hustle of NYC and feeling even more grateful to call this city home.  Continue Reading


The Sandwich Generation

This is a post I’ve wanted to write for a few weeks, but I’ve been putting it off.

Not because it’s hard to talk about, but moreso because there’s so much involved, it’s hard to know just what to say without this becoming a 2,000 word essay.

Earlier this month, my dad came to visit us in NY. It was his first time seeing our place, seeing our neighborhood, and getting a taste of what our lives are like in Harlem. While he was in town, we kept his favorite foods coming, which ranged from fancy sushi to Popeye’s chicken. We gave him dominion over the remote control. And he was content to watch Jameson do laps around our coffee table, swing at the park, and shove fists of food into his mouth.  Continue Reading

Around NYC

Greener Grass

There are some days when I look at Jordan, and I think, “Boy, he’s got it made.”

What I mean by that is he wakes in the morning with me and Jameson, and typically gets to enjoy Jameson at his best — fresh off of about 12 hours of sleep (ok, maybe you’re thinking both Jordan and I have it made, given that our baby sleeps for so long at night. But don’t get distracted. Just stick with me here.) Continue Reading


Maternity Photos

In the spirit of #tbt (“Throwback Thursday”) and the reflecting that comes along with Jameson’s approaching first birthday, I started going through photos taken at this time last year, and more specifically, photos from a maternity shoot we pulled together just a few weeks before Jameson was born. Continue Reading

At Home

Decorating with Photos

Here’s a look at one of those long-in-the-works home projects that’s finally done and is giving me so much life these days. We live in a classic NYC pre-war building, and our apartment is referred to as “railroad-style,” where one long hallway has rooms jutting off to one side.

Before we even signed the papers to make this place ours, I imagined filling this long hallway with large photographs. The vast, never-ending wall seemed to beg for it. I wanted photographs from our different travels around the world, so I could be reminded of our adventures and transported whenever the next big trip seemed too far away.  Continue Reading