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March 2016

Around NYC

Pampering at Paintbox

A long time ago, likely during one of my random wanderings around Instagram, I came across Paintbox, a super chic, high-end nail salon in Soho. At the time I didn’t know when, and I surely didn’t know how, but I knew that I eventually had to make a trip there.  Continue Reading

Around NYC, Family


As a family working in ministry, somehow the lead up to Easter often feels similar to finals week at the end of the semester. It’s crunch time as we gear up to serve and host more people, while also trying to make space to fully reflect on the significance, wonder, and beauty of Holy Week.   Continue Reading


Portland, Jamaica

Every winter my mother essentially hibernates in Jamaica. She makes occasional trips up to New York between December and March, but she always dreads those trips as she thinks about the cold weather she may experience. Her disdain for winter is real, but this year, that disdain became our come up.

Because my mom hates the cold, and yet can’t go more than six weeks without seeing her beloved grandson, she said she’d rather fly us down to Jamaica instead of flying up to New York. And we–being the oh-so-sacrificial people that we are–agreed to make the trip. And we weren’t even bitter knowing that it was Jameson that really made this arrangement worthwhile.  Continue Reading