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November 2015

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Eat in Harlem: Streetbird Rotisserie

On the days that my mom or Jordan’s mom watch Jameson, I try to get as much done as possible around the house or taking care of errands or work projects. And every now and then, Jordan and I make plans for a lunch date, which is always a welcomed treat and change of pace.

This past Monday, we made our way to Streetbird Rotisserie, which is a short walk from the church office. A lot of people know about Marcus Samuelson’s restaurant, Red Rooster, which helped make Harlem a destination for a lot of foodies in the city who otherwise would not have traveled uptown (which was a shame). Streetbird is his latest venture, which opened to a lot of fanfare. In fact, the wait to get in was so long when they first opened that up until yesterday, I’d only ever had take-out.
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Around NYC

Fall in Central Park

I’m a summer girl at heart. It’s my favorite season, and while most people complain about heat and humidity, I’d choose the heat over the cold any day.

But fall in New York City is definitely making a run for it, vying for my heart’s love as the best time of the year. Fall in NYC means the city swells a bit less, cooler temps allow for fashionable layers, the trees put on an unbelievable color show, and flavors of pumpkin, butternut squash, and apple are on heavy rotation. It’s pretty great.

This past Friday was the perfect day to get out and enjoy the season, so we decided to make a trip to Central Park, with hopes of capturing some shots of Jameson with a pumpkin. This was somewhat of a “consolation prize,” because somebody (eh-hem … me) took way too long to figure out a Halloween costume, and before I knew it, the stinkin’ holiday was here. #fail. We’ll try again next year. :)

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