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October 2015


Long Island Wine Country

I’m not really big on my birthdays. I enjoy them. I’m grateful every time another year comes to a close. I like imagining what a new year might bring. But I’m definitely not one of those people who has a birthday month, week, or daily countdown (if that’s you, rock on).

This year, I did think about having a party, because my birthday — October 21, 2015 — was Back to the Future day! So the idea was to have a themed party that could fuse the 80’s and 2015, as depicted by Back to the Future II. But Jordan and I quickly realized we didn’t have the time, energy, or funds to plan something as elaborate as we’d like, so he planned a surprise getaway for us instead. Not a bad Plan B.

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A Weekend in Baltimore

This past weekend, my mom and cousin Maria had plans to attend a wedding in Baltimore, and when I found out their hotel room came equipped with a pull-out couch and my calendar was free, I decided it only made sense for me and Jameson to tag along to take advantage of the free ride and accommodations. I figured I’d enjoy the time with my mom and cousin, and while they participated in wedding festivities, I’d catch up with friends in D.C.

The ride down was somewhat rough, since Jameson pretty much despises his car seat these days. I try to sit in the back seat with him to comfort him, but it seems to make him more upset when he sees me — as though he’s looking at me and wondering, “If you’re sitting so close, why on earth aren’t you holding meeee?!”

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